Mother-in-law’s ‘Ninja’ having a blast in Europe.


Mother-in-law’s ‘Ninja’ having a blast in Europe.

As you watch a favorite TV show, it is natural to connect with specific actors more than others. But there comes this day when you switch on to watch the show only to see someone else taking the place of your favorite actor.

If you are a fan of the local soapie mother in law, then you must have realized that actor Jeff Okello also known as Ninja, has been missing for a while. Well, do you know where he is and what he is doing today?

Talented actor Jeff Okello or Ninja married a white lady, got children , and then relocated to Europe. Judging from his Instagram posts, Ninja seems to be doing well in many aspects.

And it is possible that he is acting in Europe as well.

Some of his photos show him enjoying time with his family, and in others, he appears in a school environment, either pursuing education or doing something related.

While casting on Mother in law, Ninja was popular on and offline owing to his role as a ridiculous gatekeeper.

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