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Omar al bashir sentenced

Omar al Bashir sentenced in a Sudanese court

A Sudanese court has found former president Omar al Bashir guilty of corruption and illegal possession of foreign currency and sentenced him to two years in a correctional facility.  According to the Sudanese laws, anyone above 70 years cannot be sent to a regular prison, and the former head of state is 75 years old.  […]

The tragic story of Sara “Saartjie” Baartman

The life and times of Sara Baartman Looking at images of Sarah Baartman, one is easily tempted to draw a sense of wonder, awe or amusement. But that only lasts until you read the horrible details about how the heartless Europeans exploited the poor woman’s unusual physical features to turn her into an object of […]

pyramids of giza facts

King Khufu’s ship 4600 years later

The Khufu ship is an ancient Egyptian King’s full-size vessel that was buried in a pit within the Giza pyramid complex around 2500 BCE.