Dreams of the eurasian union – putin’s plan for greater russian influence


Dreams of the eurasian union – putin’s plan for greater russian influence

Putin is positioning Russia to be one of the world’s great powers in his own lifetime. He has many obstacles yet to overcome, but Vladimir Putin’s dreams seem within reach. Putin’s plan remains a greater russian influence.

The eurasian union looks more viable everyday. It already includes Kazakhstan and Belarus, with Armenia and Kyrgyzstan in talks to join.

Putin’s planned pipeline to China through Siberia will give Russia future energy dominance in Asia, despite the US shale gas revolution . Putin already has checkmated Europe with his proposed South Stream pipeline , which will transport Russian natural gas across the Black Sea into south eastern Europe, allowing him to hold the EU hostage.

Putin has made no secret of his plans to restore the former glory of the Soviet Union, and he is well on his way.

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If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, many fear that some other countries might be next. Crimea was an easy target because the majority are ethnic Russians , so it had a higher chance of success than if he attempted the same in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, where ethnic Russians are a minority.

The US and Europe may not be willing to go all out against Putin in Ukraine; however they might feel obliged to do something if he went into one or more of these Baltic states .

 If Russia does invade, it could potentially be the “beginning of a Third World War“.

 The choice of the phrase “beginning of a third world war” seems to indicate that war is inevitable, and will be the first in a series. The phrasing also implies that many more wars may follow.