Best self driving cars to buy

There are many different self driving cars on the market, but which one is the best for you? Here is a list of the best self driving cars to buy. 1. Tesla Model S: The Tesla Model S is one of the best self driving cars on the market. It has many features that make […]

Tips on how to overcome procrastination

In simple words procrastination is putting things off until later when you know you could get them done now. In other words, not starting a task or activity when you know you could have started it earlier and should be doing it now.In this article we share some tips on how to overcome procrastination. The […]

Weight loss tips for simple life hacks

There are several weight loss tips that can help you lose weight without really exercising. These simple life hacks are easy to do and will have a positive impact on your life. Eat Breakfast Every Day You should always eat breakfast every day and avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. If you skip the most important […]

The best foods for your brain: a nutritionist’s top picks

Eating foods which are rich in nutrients that are good for your brain are not just the best way to improve your memory but also to ensure that you stay young. It’s no secret old people have trouble recalling where they put their keys, but what if there was a simple fix? There actually is […]

Self-Care 101, everyone needs it and here’s how to do it

Self-care is a very important part of life, but many people tend to push this off because they’re too busy with their daily lives. If you want to be healthy, happy, and have a good social life then self-care is for you. Unfortunately, there are still many people around the world who don’t take care […]

How to maintain self-care in a fast paced world

It is a common challenge to maintain self-care practices in a fast paced, easily distracted world. But it is possible to achieve this goal of caring for yourself by following these steps. You have to schedule time for yourself just like you would schedule any other important task or appointment–otherwise you will just keep getting […]

Who is Santa Claus?

Who is Santa? Santa Claus is a legendary character originating in Western Christian culture. He is believed to make lists of children and gifting them according to their behavior. Preferably, he brings the gifts toys and candy on Christmas Eve to well-behaved children. Where is Santa believed to reside? Santa’s workshop is believed to be […]

Man dies one day after tying the knot.

Saturday, December 5th came as Roy and Anita Watuula’s highlight in their lives as they tied the knot in one of the most colourful ceremonies in 2020. However, the Ugandan couple exchanged their vows hardly aware that the cruel hand of death was ominously lingering with a motive to strike just the following day. Roy, […]