How to maintain self-care in a fast paced world


How to maintain self-care in a fast paced world

It is a common challenge to maintain self-care practices in a fast paced, easily distracted world. But it is possible to achieve this goal of caring for yourself by following these steps.

You have to schedule time for yourself just like you would schedule any other important task or appointment–otherwise you will just keep getting pushed down on your to do list until you call in sick or miss an important event.

  • Get enough sleep

Not only does this help you wake up fresh and ready to take on the day, it is also a great time for self-care because you can practice visualization techniques, meditation, positive affirmations, and deep relaxation.

  • Exercise or go for a walk

This is one of the best forms of self-care because you get both physical and mental benefits. Go to an exercise class, take a long walk on your own, join team sports…anything that gets your heart pumping really helps!

  • Make time for friends or family

Friends are great to make time for because you spend a lot of time with them anyway, but tell them that from now on they are also your self-care buddy! When you feel the urge to skip out on your scheduled “me” time, call up a friend and go do something fun together.

  • Relaxation techniques

This could be taking a hot bath, doing some yoga stretches, reading fiction or nonfiction books, doing deep breathing exercises…whatever truly relaxes you and brings you back to the here and now.

  • Get in nature

Spending time with nature is a powerful way to nourish your soul and get in touch with the present moment. This could mean going for a walk in the park, going to the beach, planting a garden in your backyard…something that connects you with Mother Nature.

  • Create something new and beautiful

This could be knitting some mittens while watching TV, painting a picture of your favorite tree, coloring some pages from an adult coloring book (yes these exist and they are wonderful), or doing anything that helps you express yourself creatively.

  • Get enough sunlight.

This is an easy one because the sun’s energy is positive and powerful, but be sure to wear sunscreen or keep your skin covered if it could be damaged by the sun–a red burn will not help you feel beautiful.

  • Practice gratitude

Think about all the things you appreciate in your life and all the things you don’t worry about anymore, such as running out of money or time. This is a powerful way to tune into the present moment and stay focused on what’s really important

Tune into your senses and be aware of everything going on around you, inside you, and inside your house. This is a great way to stay focused on the present moment and get in touch with how you feel.

  • Practice kindness

Think about something or someone who made a positive difference in your life, or just think of someone you might have been unkind to recently and give them a call to apologize. Kindness can go a long way in helping you stay focused on the present moment.

  • Meditate or pray

Spend time connecting to your inner self by practicing mindfulness meditation, deep breathing exercises, prayer, chanting…whatever brings you back to center and reminds you that there is more to life than just what’s happening in front of your eyes right now.

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