The best foods for your brain: a nutritionist’s top picks


The best foods for your brain: a nutritionist’s top picks

Eating foods which are rich in nutrients that are good for your brain are not just the best way to improve your memory but also to ensure that you stay young. It’s no secret old people have trouble recalling where they put their keys, but what if there was a simple fix? There actually is one – it’s called eating foods rich in nutrients!

  1. Oily fish like salmon, trout and sardines – These fishes are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. The high level of protein also helps to keep your memory sharp.
  • Blueberries – They’re delicious, inexpensive and are full of antioxidants that help you to think. Just 1 cup of blueberries contains the antioxidant amount equal to 2 cups of spinach or two oranges. The flavonoids in them also help your brain work faster by increasing blood flow to it.
  • Tomatoes – They increase your brain’s production of seratonin, which makes you feel happy. Seratonin is also known as the ‘feel good’ chemical that decreases with age and leads to depression and sleep problems. Another reason tomatoes help improve your memory is because they’re full of vitamin C and Lycopene, which work together to
  • Dark chocolate – A study proved that eating dark chocolate regularly can help you think faster, improve your memory and make you feel happier! The antioxidants in dark chocolate also help reduce stress.
  • Coffee – This one might come as a surprise but coffee actually has some amazing benefits for your brain. Studies have shown that people who drink 4 Cups of coffee per day may improve learning, reaction time, vigilance and mood
  • Avocados – They’re good for your heart, weight loss and anti-aging, but they also have a high level of folate which can help your brain.
  • Eggs – They’re the perfect source of protein and choline which improve cognitive skills and trigger memory activity in the brain.
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale – These delicious veggies are rich in iron, magnesium, copper and calcium, all of which help keep your brain active.

So the next time you go to buy groceries for dinner, make sure that you include some of these foods in your basket. It’s never too late to improve your memory and nourish your brain!

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