Choosing the right wedding gown

Choosing the right wedding gown is an exciting and important decision for any bride-to-be. Here are some steps to help you choose the perfect wedding gown: Start with Research: Begin by gathering inspiration and ideas. Look through bridal magazines, browse online wedding dress websites, and save images of dresses that catch your eye. Consider different […]

Top International Shoe Brands

In the global footwear market, a few dominant shoe brands have captivated millions worldwide with their style and quality. Nike, with its iconic swoosh logo, is renowned for athletic excellence, appealing to athletes and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Adidas seamlessly blends fashion and function, staying ahead with collaborations and a focus on performance. Luxury brands like […]

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Modern Kitenge designs for men

Kitenge is a Swahili word meaning African wax print fabric. Also known as Chitenge, this is a colorful and vibrant fabric that was only worn in African countries. However, as time went by, it gained many lovers from around the world. It was commonly worn by African women as headscarves and wrapped around the waist […]

Hot 2019 End Year Kitenge Releases

Everything is circling back to the cradle of mankind, from music to fashion. Regarding fashion, the Kitenge fabric, once a preserve of the lower class, especially in Kenya, is now making headway everywhere. You will find the Kitenge designs on runways both in Africa, as well as in prestigious fashion events like the New York […]

The most recent Kitenge designs for 2020

Also known as Chitenge, Kitenge is a Swahili name for a fabric that is loved and highly appreciated in the whole of Africa. Decades ago, kitenge was not as highly valued as it is today. In fact, most ladies would think about it in terms of head wrapping, waist wrapping, or merely wrapping a baby […]

How Akothe’s Rue Baby, excelled at the Miss Universe Kenya event

Singer Akothe’s daughter Rue Baby on Sunday 20th, 2019 at the Panari hotel was crowned the first runners up in the just concluded Miss Universe Kenya competitions. Rue modeled in a pink bikini that left too much skin for viewing.  Excited at her daughter’s excellent performance, Akothee kept her phone close by to keep track […]