The most recent Kitenge designs for 2020


The most recent Kitenge designs for 2020

Also known as Chitenge, Kitenge is a Swahili name for a fabric that is loved and highly appreciated in the whole of Africa. Decades ago, kitenge was not as highly valued as it is today. In fact, most ladies would think about it in terms of head wrapping, waist wrapping, or merely wrapping a baby on the back. However, as time has gone by, the texture has been improved and produced in stunning designs. Today, politicians, business people, and other people of status go for weddings, business meetings, and other official functions in Kitenge as their preferred attire. 

  1. The Off the Shoulder Kitenge dress

Since the year started, you must have seen many ladies strutting along in this outfit. Well, it is such a lovely idea especially when you are going to a party or such unofficial functions. Off the shoulder, fittings are best during brighter days, but as you plan for it, consider buying a beautiful strapless bra as well

2. Umbrella Skirts

Image credits:, @kitenge_fashions

Umbrella skirts can go well with a denim shirt, V-neck top, the yoga wrap top, or the turtle neck. And the good news is that it works well with most body heights and sizes.

3. Strappy Back Outline

kitenge design latest nairobi

latest kitenge designs for couples

female kitenge designs
Image Source: Emmanuels

With the strappy back outline dress, you have the chance to show off your beautiful back. It suits the challenging lady who steps out with a motive to slay. But, for you to be complete, you also need a well fitting bare backed bra. 

4. The Peplum Kitenge dress

Image credit:, @Vany M

The Peplum dress promises you security and lots of confidence. With it, you can cover up a lot of defects like a distending stomach and any extra layers. You can as well embellish it with a thin neckpiece and mark earrings. If necessary, strap a fashionable belt around your abdomen. This dress gives more hips and a figured waistline. And, can you take it to the office? Well, yes , you can ! It is modest and ideal as pre-weekend wear.

5. The Kitenge Skater dress

kitenge design latest nairobi

latest kitenge designs for couples

female kitenge designs

You can embrace the skater dress without concerning yourself much with your body size. Most ladies wear it over the knees but it would still look fine on or slightly below the knees especially when going to church or other official engagements

6. Nigerian custom made Kitenge

Latest Kitenge Designs
Image source :, @TribeofAfrik

This design is gorgeous and simply irresistible. It is suitable for both official and casual purposes.

7. High slit and off-shoulder dress

Image source:, @ Amenananneprisca

A nice dress to fit especially on a fair weather day

8. The Sun dress

Image source:, @Agnes k

9. Ope African dress

Image source:,@Castillo

This is an amazing dress that suits almost every occasion. It is made with African Ankara

10. Cool and trendy

Image source:

11. Plus Size

Image source:, @Nyokabi Mungai

This too is a multi-purpose dress suitable for most occasions