Kenya’s most common delicacies

Kenya is known for several things, and among them is her delicious cuisine. This cuisine is amazingly rich as it is a fusion of tradition and ethnicity. So, what is it about the tradition that informs Kenya’s food choice, thus making it so diverse? There are 47 tribes in Kenya. This means 47 staple foods […]

7 reasons why you should ditch processed sugar

Processed sugar is an additive that may be considered essential to many foods and beverages that we consume. The sweetening effect that sugar has can transform an entire meal. Isn’t it ironic that just a few spoons of sugar are what can make or break what you eat? This is what we tend to believe, […]

More toxic brands of flour exposed, but who is telling the truth?

Hardly 24 hours ago, the Kenya Bureau of Standards ordered all supermarkets to stop selling Kifaru, Jembe Dola, Starehe and 210 brands of maize flour, because their levels of Aflatoxin exceeds the standards set for the Kenyan consumer.  The companies’ permits for the use of the standardization mark have since been suspended, and KEBS has […]