How to keep eyes healthy   


How to keep eyes healthy   

How do you take care of your eyes? Let me tell you first How to keep eyes healthy And after that, I will introduce you to some foods having nutritional value for the eyes.

As we all know eating fruit and vegetables is good for our health. So this time I want to introduce you to some valuable fruit and vegetables for eyes.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you apples . When you put the apple in your mouth, it will make the saliva much more. That’s because when you chew it , it releases a special juice that contains pectin which is good for digestion. And this pectin emits high amount of fluid when it is in contact with saliva. This fluid contains a lot of soluble dietary fiber, so it can help you maintain eyesight and prevent from glaucoma and cataract.

 Another food that is good for your eye sight is spinach . It was proved that there are many nutrients contained in spinach which work to improve eyesight. So you’d better eat spinach regularly.

 As we know , carrots are good for our eyesight . It was proved by scientists that there is something contained in carrots which helps to prevent from myopia. That’s why young students who often do their homework all night long or work on computer, should eat more carrots. And now I will introduce a special vegetable for the eye sight.

 It is also my favorite food, sweet potatoes . So actually sweet potato is not only good for our eyesight but also it is rich in vitamin A which help us to keep healthy skin. You’d better eat some of this vegetables everyday.

  And there are still some other foods that contain high amount of vitamins and minerals that helps our eyesight. It is tomatoes, grapefruit and oranges . So if you want to maintain your eyesight, it is advisable for you to eat these foods regularly.

 But when we talk about maintaining healthy eyes, there are still some other things we should pay attention to. First of all, when there is something in our eyes that hurts, we should not rub it with hands because it will hurt it more. And you’d better clean them with pure water instead of using contact lens solution.

 Furthermore, if you are wearing contact lenses , you’d better use solutions made by your oculist only and wear glasses when there are too bright light. And last but not least, you should have a good rest on weekends and go for an outing with your family or friends to relax yourself.

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