Genesis of US and Russia conflict


Genesis of US and Russia conflict

The United States is an ally of the European Union. The World War II, however, ended in 1945 while Europe was split between two superpowers – USA and USSR. There are several conflicts frequently erupting between the US and USSR allies over some political differences. The Cold War continued for nearly five decades until it was concluded with collapse of communism and the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989.

The US and USSR allies were part of NATO after signing a treaty with each other. The countries included as NATO member states include: France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Poland and Denmark. NATO is now increasing its military alliance with some former USSR members such as Latvia and Estonia joining this organization. The hot zones of conflicts are in the Middle East where Russia backs Iran, who is opposing many organizations including NATO, Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference.

The relations between the US and Russia are getting more intense with each passing day due to several reasons that include: the war in Afghanistan, the occupation of Crimean peninsula by Russian troops and imposition of visa restrictions by the US administration. These developments are creating anxiety among the people as both these countries have largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with Russia having more than America. This may lead to global wars and destruction of cities leading to mass homelessness and starvation.

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The Russian President, Vladimir Putin tend to expand his influence over Europe while America is also showing interest in giving tough time to Russia over its invasion of Crimea. Russia is the second-largest oil exporter followed by Saudi Arabia, but USA does not depend much on import of oil as it has its own shale gas reserves that provide energy to several industries and houses. However Russia can cause big harm to Europe if it loses trade ties with America.

The United States is leading the technological advancements all over the world with many companies involved in this sector. Russia can also play some major economic roles but it has very less employment opportunities for the educated people due to its economic policies that are not welcoming foreign investments. Both these countries have their own areas of interests and they should respect each other to live in peace and harmony