King Kaka’s “Wajinga nyinyi” song hits 1.6 million YouTube views in just 3 days

King Kaka

King Kaka’s “Wajinga nyinyi” song hits 1.6 million YouTube views in just 3 days

For the past few days, King Kaka has been trending on all media platforms after releasing his controversial spoken-word piece Wajinga Nyinyi.

King Kaka’s piece comes only months after another spoken word artist Dorphanage dropped a similar rendition only varying in intensity and immediate impact.

Have Kenyan artists finally taken over the seemingly vacant role of the opposition in the country?

King Kaka’s seven-minute piece boldly speaks to the myriad social, economic, and political problems facing the country. Some of his lines directly mention senior political figures once implicated in the vices that bedevil the country.

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His lyrics have rebuked and lectured Kenyans on the need to hatch out of the gullible shell and realize the role that they are playing in sponsoring corruption, impunity among other mushrooming evils.

The video, which was uploaded on December 14th has already garnered 1.6 million views and is still counting.

As you would expect, the Kaka Empire CEO is now an insecure man saying his life in danger due to the threats he has allegedly received.

Commenting on his song, Kaka said, “This song is my contribution to the war on corruption, and all I can say is I need protection and your prayers.”