Kanye West’s album ‘Jesus is King’ soars in sales


Kanye West’s album ‘Jesus is King’ soars in sales

Kanye West, the born again rapper must be smiling wide considering how his recent gospel album is performing.

The album Jesus is King has topped the Billboard 200 album chart, and it is his 9th consecutive time being in the top position.

The hit album was released on October 25th, and it has so far recorded 197 million audio streams. 109 k of these copies were sold as solid albums.

And Kanye is a kind of business genius. To promote the sales, he packaged copies of his album with some of the merchandise on his website. He, for example, bundled the digital copy with a pair of socks at $20 and gave his fans advance tickets for his upcoming event

His earlier album Ye sold 85,000 albums in the first week, so, comparatively, Jesus is King is doing much better. 

Jesus Is King Album songs.

1. Every Hour

2. Selah

3. Follow God

4. Closed on Sunday

5. On God

6. Everything We Need

7. Water

8. God Is

9. Hands-On

10. Use This Gospel

11. Jesus Is Lord

Since he embraced Christ, Kanye has made it his ambition to clean up his house and live to align his life with the gospel. 

Recently, he restricted his six-year-old daughter, North from donning crop tops and makeup until she attains a responsible age. 

He also advised a single (bachelor) member of his production team to stop fornicating when the recording of the album was ongoing.

Has Kanye’s faith been received well ? Well, it is a YES and NO as you would expect. There are those who have lauded him for the brave decision to break free from the york of sin, yet others have scoffed at his conversion, terming it “ an opportunistic business scheme”. At least Kim, his wife has stood by him.


But as is the case in most transitions, all is not well for Kanye. He is now on the spot for charging a fee of $ 55 for a brunch meal at Baton Rouge Church in Louisiana. His reason for charging for the meal is still not clear, but some who attended the meeting are questioning his move claiming that it may be a step towards commercializing his church services