Eyelashes Extensions: Everything you need to know

Eye lashes extension

Eyelashes Extensions: Everything you need to know

Have you ever wanted your eyelashes to be longer and thicker than they already are? Maybe because of the charm and attractiveness that is associated with bold and dark eyelashes? Perhaps you could grant yourself this wish by making an appointment with your cosmetologist for an eyelash extension procedure. Yes, that’s right! You can get that look you have been dying to have for ages. The only thing between you and your desired eyelashes is just one appointment.  

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are implants that are attached to one’s natural eyelashes to make them longer to their liking. Unlike the temporary lashes that are attached to one’s eyelid, lash extensions are more durable as the adhesive lasts for about six weeks. This property makes them more convenient compared to the temporary lashes, which only last a few days. There are things you need to know before getting eyelash extensions. The type of eyelash extensions, for example, is a crucial factor to have in mind. Be sure to read on to know much more about eyelash extensions.

Synthetic eyelash extensions

Synthetic eyelash extensions

One of the most popular eyelash extensions in the market at the moment is the synthetic extension. Synthetic eyelash extensions are glossier compared to the rest and are also the firmest of all. They are, however, most suitable for people who are going for a dramatic look as they are quite thick. The maximum thickness of synthetic lash extensions is 0.20mm in width. This property makes them relatively stout, which might be a disclaimer to some. If you are going for a subtle and more natural look, then this is not the best option. These extensions are most suitable for people with thicker and longer eyelashes and are preferred by younger clients. It should also be known that they do not last as long as the other types.

Silk eyelash extensions

Silk eyelashes
Silk eyelash

Silk lash extensions are lighter and smoother than the synthetic extensions. They also have a more natural look when compared to synthetic eyelashes, which makes them relatively popular. It should be well understood, however, that they are more appropriate for people with weaker and thinner natural eyelashes. This is because of their lightweight and porosity. Just like synthetic extensions, silk extensions can be customized to one’s liking in terms of curliness and length. Nevertheless, the natural look would be a better option because of the non-uniformity of the curls. Silk extensions are more durable than synthetic eyelashes, which is yet another added advantage.

Mink eyelash extensions

Mink lash extensions are obtained from the fur of a mink, which is soft and closest in texture to the natural eyelashes. Most cosmetologists, though, prefer using faux mink, which is a human-made fiber as it is against animal cruelty. Mink lash extensions are the most realistic of the three and are most suitable for people who are going for a subtle and natural look.

Due to their fineness, the mink extension’s application time is more than that of the rest, which is about two hours (while that of silk and synthetic is approximately an hour). The surface-area-ratio between one’s eyelash and the extension is close to 1:1 (with synthetic it can be 1:2 or even higher), so they are more durable. Their long-lasting property is also since they do not twist or drop, which makes them relatively outstanding.One downside of the mink extension, however, is that even with a high volume; they are still natural-looking. This factor makes mink extensions less suitable for people who are going for a dramatic look.