How to maintain hair locks


How to maintain hair locks

In this article we learn How to maintain hair locks. There are a few different types of locks. Some require minimal care and some require an intense daily routine to maintain their style and cleanliness. No matter what type you have, it’s important to stay on top of them if you want them to continue looking awesome (and not like crap).

        For both long and short locks:

  • I would recommend shampooing twice a week at the most. You will want to wash your hair in sections, starting from the bottom and working up to avoid tangles and dreaded locks.
  • Conditioner is a great product for both longer dreadlocks and shorter locks if you put it in when you’re going to wash your hair next time. If you put it in while you’re still showering, try diluting the conditioner with water for extra slip during your wash.
  • Styling products are great for dreads, put them in while you’re washing your hair and then again before you go to bed at night so they can set overnight. For shorter locks especially, I would recommend a gel or a cream for definition and hold.

       For dreadlocks:

  • Wash your hair in sections starting from the bottom up, this helps avoid tangles that inevitably form as you work through them.
  • As mentioned earlier make sure to condition your locks as often as you can. It helps with detangling and gives your locks a nice shine.
  • Try to avoid heat whenever possible, not only does it damage the locks but it also dries out your scalp and can cause flaking. If you must use heat try deep conditioning beforehand or using an oil treatment in place of whatever you would normally do with heat before hand.
  • Trim when necessary, this helps keep your locks looking nice and healthy without having to completely cut out.
  • Try not to touch them too much, even if you’re trying to help detangle them all the touching can cause problems like frizzing or matting.

       For Synthetic Hair Locks:

  • Conditioner is super important for synthetic locks, because unlike human hair they do not have natural oils in them so if you want your locks to last they need to be conditioned.
  • Styling is a bit more limited but gel or cream is great for synthetic locks and it helps keep the frizz down and give your locks some form of hold.
  • Trimming is important with synthetic locks, especially if you’re wearing them out! Make sure to take care of splits and remove any really tangled parts.
  • Proper maintenance is important for synthetic locks, this means that you have to keep up with switching your extensions every 3 months or so because the hair will not last as long without being taken care of properly. This also means that you need to wash them as often as you can, and make sure to follow the steps above.

You may also want to invest in a silk bonnet or pillow case for sleeping with your locks especially if they’re longer than an inch or so because it helps with tangles and frizzing from sleeping on them.

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