How Chris Kirubi built his business empire step by step

Chris Kirubi death

How Chris Kirubi built his business empire step by step

Business Mogul Chris Kirubi has died aged 80 years old.  At the time of his passing on, he was Centum Investment Company’s director. Centum is a business conglomeration in which he is the largest individual shareholder. He died after a long battle with cancer. In this article we learn how chris Kirubi built his business empire step by step.

Chris Kirubi was a Kenyan industrialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and successful businessman

 Personal profile

  • Name: Chris Kirubi
  • Year of birth: 1941 (80 yrs.)
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: Robert Kirubi and Mary Ann Musangi

Business profile

  • Director Centum Investments company
  • Chairman and shareholder of Haco Tiger Brands
  • CEO capital FM
  • Shareholder Nairobi Bottlers (A Coca-cola bottling franchise)
  • Holds equity stakes in UAP Insurance, Centum, and DHL (Kenyan Franchise)

What is Chris Kirubi Age?

 Chris Kirubi was born in 1941. That means he died aged 80.


Although we couldn’t retrieve their names, Chris Kirubi’s parents died when he was still young.

Chris Kirubi Children

The Billionaire businessman has left back two grown-up children, a son, and a daughter. Robert Kirubi works at DHL as the head of Global Customer Programs at DHL Services Logistics while his sister Mary Ann Musangi oversees her father’s vast business empire.

The Chris Kirubi story

Kirubi was born under very poor circumstances. His parents died when he was still young leaving the burden of raising his siblings in his hands. He would look for casual jobs during the school holidays to provide for his siblings

After college graduation, Shell employed him as their gas cylinder salesman. Commenting about his stint at the shell, Mr. Kirubi said

“The salary was hardly enough to buy super”

 Through the 1960s and 1970s, he was employed as an administrator at Kenatco, a state-owned taxi firm.

Beginning in 1971, he ventured into real estate. In this business, he would buy rundown buildings, renovate and then sell or rent them out. Additionally, he would acquire pieces of land in Nairobi and use institutional loans to develop them.

Chris Kirubi Wife

Chris was married but he dissolved the marriage over 15 years ago. After parting ways, Ms. Kirubi took on a quite low-key lifestyle. As of the year 2017, she was happily retired and leading a private life.

Details about Chris Kirubi Marriage

In a past interview with one of the local dailies, he was asked if he plans to remarry. The Billionaire’s answer was as philosophical as he could get. Here’s what he said

“Marriage should come to you as a blessing. You shouldn’t go hunting for a marriage partner because you may easily choose the wrong person.”

What is Chris Kirubi’s net worth?

Kirubi’s venture into real estate property development was not only strategic but timely as well. He has died being one wealthiest Kenyans having a net worth estimated at $300 million

Among his many businesses, he owns International House Limited, through which he owns and manages commercial and residential buildings. He owns the International House Building in Nairobi

Chris Kirubi Holdings

  1. Centum investments (he is the largest single investor)
  2. Haco (100% ownerships)
  3. 98.4 Capital FM (100% ownership)
  4. Kenya Commercial Bank Group
  5. Nation Media Group

Like all other business enterprises, Chris Kirubi also failed once or more. He, for example, shared about one failure he encountered when he ventured into the paint business. Of this he said

“I didn’t know the routes well and for this reason, I couldn’t find space to fight the competition”

However, he admits that through the failure, he grabbed valuable lessons that helped in subsequent investments.

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