How to find a life coach online

Find a coach online

How to find a life coach online

Being at the crossroads of life can bring the feeling of being stuck, helpless, and confused.

The good news though is that one can get out of such a situation. This is possible by getting a Life Mentor who can help one achieve their desired goals in life, despite the lack of know-how initially.

Keep reading this article, where I will show you how to find the right Life Coach online, for you.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a resourceful professional who helps one walk through the achievement of their goals, at the same time enabling one to attain the desired changes in life.

Besides enhancing motivation, a Life Couch should be able to inspire the following crucial attributes in a pupil’s life:

  • Encouragement
  • Team-work on building strategies, on how best to accomplish your life plans
  • Accountability, especially on the agreed goals and aspirations for one’s life
  • Life coaching, therefore, is an exceptionally powerful tool that anyone who understands its importance will use to attain significant goals in life.

A good mentor will understand whatever challenges one is facing in life, and endeavor to strengthen one’s mindset. The goal therein would be to show the possibilities of whatever you set your mind to accomplish

How to find a life coach

According to Tony Robbins, once somebody has made up their mind to be successful, they should find someone who has achieved the results they desire, copy what they do, thus achieve the same results.

Indeed, a mentor has a wealth of experience that can impact the pupils tremendously.

Drawing from his practical experience, a mentor should help one to figure out how to make a living by doing what they love to do so that they can become more confident, thereby achieving their primary goals for life

How do you find the right person to become your mentor?

 The following steps will explain how to achieve that:

1.Be specific about what you want exactly

Way before the search for a trainer, one needs to define what areas of their life they want to change, and the goals they want to be accomplished.

This is mainly because when somebody knows what they want to achieve, finding the right person becomes the easier option.

2. Get a free consultation

The epic journey to becoming a Pupil is better begun by engaging with your potential trainer for free, before commencing pay sessions.

During the free consultation session, one can learn about the Life Couch by asking different questions to ensure that they are the right fit. Indeed, one can determine how well they understand your needs, and what you’re trying to achieve from the onset.

3. Explore your areas of synergy

The following are pertinent questions that ought to be answered before deciding whether to continue with the person’s coaching program:

  • During your moment together, how do you feel?
  • Is there any sense of connection between the two of you?
  • Do you find it easy to discuss sensitive issues with the person?
  • Do you feel safe and relaxed in sharing your feelings with him?

The trainer’s personality mustn’t clash with yours. One can discern this during the initial conversation.

 4. Describe what you want in a trainer

Some crucial questions one need to answer before deciding on who will best train them:

  • Do you want a male or female tutor?
  • What is the age limit of the person you want?
  • What methodologies, procedures, and techniques do you prefer them to use for you?
  • What skills, character traits, and abilities must they possess?

After settling on the above questions, one might want to ask where to look when finding the right trainer for you.

 There are some potential areas where one can connect with a prospective mentor.

  1. Do a local search

Sources like Yelp can help you locally to find a trainer. The challenge is the multiplicity of these directories, thus the labor in sifting through hundreds of such before eventually finding a suitable candidate.

 2. Utilize a matching service

The matching service has a database of several mentors that one can choose from. Such services would require the application of the following criteria:

  • Your personality
  • The style of coaching you desire
  • The trainer’s specialization you desire to have, and other related factors required when matching you with the right trainer

There are many organizations that provide you with on-demand timely coaching that helps you gain clarity, motivation, and confidence to move on.

3. Ask for referrals

Occasionally, it is prudent to get referred to a tutor from family members, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues. Alternatively, one may ask anyone they know that has used a mentor before.

It is correct, therefore, to say that your first cheerleader is your trainer since he commits himself to help you become the best person that you can be. A Mentor will, irrespective of where you are, pick you up and walk you through where you desire