Pornography kills ; keep off !


Pornography kills ; keep off !

The internet is one of the most significant technological milestones ever achieved by man because it has made access to information easier and much faster. However, in spite of the many blessings that accompany this engine, the web has spelt a curse and caused grievous harm to a section of its users. Did you know that vices like pornography form part of the reason why many parents, spouses and even authorities wish this idea was never revealed to the world? Well, that is true and courtesy of the internet, this ghost now settles in many people’s life as a private guest who is never ready to leave. Read on to see how pornography can bring down your love life without an option of recovery.

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Watching porn sponsors and promotes many forms evil.

From the Spiritual perspective

Just how much revenue does the porn industry generate per year? Well, owing to its private nature, it is difficult to present any accurate estimates. However some sources believe that the industry may be approximately worth 97 billion US dollars . This revenue comes in through the multi- million paid views on the videos , ads, movies and other related activities.

Sometimes you hear about devil worshipers having a lot money to throw around and you wonder, so, how do these folks make their money. Well, here is your answer.

Pornography is one of Satan’s most lucrative sources of revenue, and it is this cash that they use to, for example, recruit new members into their networks.  In short the cash is used to;

  • Sponsor terrorist activities
  • Recruit souls into Satanic networks ( artists, business people, school children etc)
  • Fight against the discovery of vaccines and medicine for diseases like, Cancer Ebola HIV and the like
  • Promote highway accidents
  • Buy women and even men for sexual slavery
  • Promote violence against women ( Rape and the forceful use of drugs )
  • Promote domestic strife, murder and divorce
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Therefore, clicking and watching on any pornographic video increases their views, which then results in more revenue to the harmful industry.  You, therefore, promote terrorism and related evils by watching porn. Unfortunately, when the terrorist or cancer strikes, you won’t be spared just because you partnered in the crime. It will hit you and your children without an option of appeal.

When the devil whom you secretly sponsor unleashes terror on highways, the accidents will not excuse you and your family; you will die too. It is a use and dump approach. At the end of the game, Satan will use the same money you give him to finish you. Therefore, spiritually speaking, you are voluntarily walking into your death trap by watching these stuff.

You feel less attracted to your partner

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Several studies have confirmed that addiction to porn can make your partner look less attractive and turn your desires away from them. You are less likely to be satisfied however well they try to perform because your mind is populated with virtual images presenting computer enhanced actions. Your partner’s looks will also appear far less attractive as compared to the images of people who only beautified themselves for a paid, recorded action.

It is an escalating behavior

A porn consumer usually gets accustomed to the type of porn that they have watched hence sensing the need to search for the more extreme versions. If you do not clip the habit early enough, you may find yourself watching and re enacting bizarre sexual patterns that never appealed to you before you got hooked. This comes as sure recipe for divorce in a marriage situation, and a moral crisis for a single person.

Therefore, porn is fake in every sense of that word. The only reality about it is that;

  • It kills love
  • It distorts and then kills your God given sexual format
  • It kills destinies through trafficking of sexual slaves
  • Everything about it is Satanic, and we all know that this guy only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. Therefore Keep off !

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