More toxic brands of flour exposed, but who is telling the truth?


More toxic brands of flour exposed, but who is telling the truth?

Hardly 24 hours ago, the Kenya Bureau of Standards ordered all supermarkets to stop selling Kifaru, Jembe Dola, Starehe and 210 brands of maize flour, because their levels of Aflatoxin exceeds the standards set for the Kenyan consumer. 

The companies’ permits for the use of the standardization mark have since been suspended, and KEBS has ordered them to recall all their condemned products from the market. 

However, according to the latest story done by NTV entitled #WhiteAlert, there are more brands of flour beyond maize for Kenyans to be worried about  

The NTV investigative crew took 12 samples of wheat, and maize flour to the government chemist for analysis and these were the results

The recommended local toxicity levels are 10 PPB ( Parts Per Billion) or less

  1. Famila Baby Weaning porridge 1.68 PPB
  2. Exe all-purpose wheat flour 0.00 PPB
  3. Jimbi Maize Meal 16.28 PPB
  4. Tetema premium maize meal 5.99 PPB
  5. Dola maize meal 1.93 PPB
  6. Ndovu wheat flour 0.00 PPB
  7. Hostess Maize Meal 1.38 PPB
  8. Ajab wheat flour 0.00 PPB
  9. Jogoo maize meal 13.87 PPB
  10. Kifaru 0.00 PPB
  11. Heri Sifted Maize meal 16.1 PPB
  12. Dola baking flour 0.00 PPB

The latest NTV investigative report is likely to plunge the already anxious consumer into further confusion because it gives a clean bill of health to some of the brands that had already been condemned in the KBS report . In their tests KBS found Kifaru and a few others to be carrying dangerous levels of aflatoxin

Image credit:, @LindaMbaisi