Safaricom appoints the new CEO


Safaricom appoints the new CEO

Mr.Peter Ndegwa on Thursday, October 24 was appointed as the incoming CEO of Safaricom effective April 1, 2020. Announcing via Safaricom twitter handle, the giant telco’s Board of Directors said

We are confident that Peter will carry on our vision of transforming lives, meeting our customers’ needs and holding us to our new commitment of being Simple, Transparent and Honest.

Mr Peter Ndegwa comes in as the first Kenyan to head the company since its inception in 1999. He is currently the managing director of Diego International Europe, and he boasts 25 years’ experience in diverse financial market positions.

This is the third CEO of East Africa’s most profitable company after Micheal Joseph ( 2000-2010), and Bob Collymore ( 2010-2019 )

Opinion was sharply divided as social media users took to the facebook and twitter accounts to express their reactions  

Some Kenyans were quite excited at his appointment while others felt it was still premature for a local to head the giant telco.

@Joyce Mbulu via facebook wrote :

Looking forward to write a book”RISE &FALL OF GIANT SAFARICOM.the moment Bob breathed last was the beginning of safaricom fall.un expiry data bundle zicome.”

The entire NewslyKE team welcomes Mr Ndegwa and wishes him all the best in the challenging task ahead.

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