Addison Rae bio: age, family, school life and career, goals, latest


Addison Rae bio: age, family, school life and career, goals, latest

If you are a frequent Tik Tok app user, you have watched some of Addison Rae’s videos. Addison is a nineteen-year-old American dancer from Louisiana. She is known for amazing dance moves and popular mini videos on Tik Tok. Rae is also a member of the renowned Hype House, a house in Hollywood that hosts famous Tik Tok content creators. Rumor has it, though, that Addison may be leaving The Hype House for good. Read on to find out more.

Age and birthday

Addison Easterling Rae was born on 6th October 2000. This means that she is nineteen years old.

Addison Rae Family

Addison has two younger brothers, Enzo and Lucas, her mother Sheri, and Monty Lopez. The Easterling family occasionally makes appearances on Tik Tok and is loved by the viewers.

School life and career

Addison attended Calvary Baptist Academy and later joined Louisiana State University. While in college, Addison started making Tik Tok videos dancing and lip-syncing. As she started gaining more followers on Tik Tok, Addison decided to quit school, studying Sports Broadcasting to pursue a media career. After traveling to Los Angeles one weekend, the Tik Tok star realized that she was missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Her encounter with Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou helped Addison in social marketing. She then started going to Los Angeles more often, and eventually, she was invited to be a member of the Hype House. This was when Addison Rae decided to quit school and focus entirely on Tik Tok.

She is also a founder of the Addison Rae Clothing line, which consists of Hoodies and sweatpants printed her name or the words “Pouty Face.”


Despite having a successful Tik Tok career going on, Addison’s life goal is to have a hair and beauty company where she can manufacture wigs and makeup.

She also wants to focus and to host and to improve her YouTube channel,

“In the future, I honestly think that I’m gonna take this and bring it to like hosting, you know, I would love to do that. I would love to host things. I really want to get more active on YouTube and really just trying to establish myself on YouTube as well,” Addison said.

Latest news

Though Addison seems to be an American sweetheart with no haters, she has received a lot of backlash in the recent past. Addison has been body-shamed a lot by some of her viewers. Her comment section never lacks negative comments, especially about her body. She admitted that the negative comments make her insecure but that she is looking at it in a different light. She went on sending body-positive messages to fans, saying,

“You are perfect.

Rumors are going around that Addison is in a relationship with a fellow Tik Tok star and Hype House member, Tony Lopez. The two seem to be close friends as they appear in many videos together. However, there is no proof of the dating allegations.

The news that seems to have caused a stir amongst her fans is that Addison may be leaving the Hype House for good. People back this rumor up by stating that Addison does not make videos in the Hype House anymore and is not tagged in the posts on Hype House’s Instagram page. Nobody knows the truth in this, but her fans have a keen eye on it.

Addison is a brave lady who chooses to focus more on her career and goals and shun all the hate and negativity despite how draining they can be. She is also seen as hardworking and optimistic. People who know Addison personally say that she is friendly and always happy.

Addison Rae