Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: The Silent Killer

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Kenya

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: The Silent Killer

If you think money, polygamy, and STDS are the family breakers in Africa, well, you may be wrong. There is a silent underlying condition that is literally wiping out marriages. This destroyer is Erectile Dysfunction. It is the lack of getting or maintaining a firm erection to effect good penetration during marital intimacy. Though it is commonly confused with impotence, which is the total lack of an erection, ED is basically a mild erection. 

recent study sampled in Sub Saharan Africa proves that this condition is prevalent with figures as high as 58.9% in adult males. The staggering discoveries bring to the fore why this condition is a silent killer of society. Due to the shame in it, African men are negative about discussing it.

ED Causes

The classification of ED causes can be split into four major categories

  • Diseases

The significant contributor to ED comes in the form of neurological conditions. Damaged nerves lose the ability to transmit messages to the reproductive organs. Consequently, you do not have any sexual arousal. It may surprise you, but regular bikers are prone to nerve damages around their reproductive organs. 

  • Medication

Unknown to patients, the daily antihistaminespainkillers, and antidepressants have a direct link to ED. The medicines you take to treat some common diseases can, in the long run, create a bigger problem. It is prudent to analyze with your doctor about substance interaction and side effects. 

  • Lifestyle

In a fast-paced lifestyle, people have more sedentary lives than before. Oblivious of the dangers, this living condition is aiding the rise of ED in non-medical circles. Studies show that lack of regular exercising, junk food, and alcohol consumption as the primary triggers. 

  • Emotional Imbalances

When your brain is under emotional distress, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. This inhibits the proper synergy of your reproductive system. Fear of past sexual encounters can hinder an erection. 

Social Effects of ED

The adverse effects of this condition are as follows:

  1. Social stigma 
  2. Low self-esteem
  3. Depression 
  4. Broken relationships
  5. Sadly, suicidal deaths

How to Remedy ED

There is no specific remedy for this condition. It is prudent to seek a medical examination to ascertain the underlying cause. Once that is over, the medical practitioner will advise on the next step of therapy. 

If it is a medical condition, the appropriate drugs will be administered. Besides that, there are numerous alternatives, including exercising, dietary supplements, and psychological counseling. 

Erectile dysfunction triggers are diverse. It would help if you did not suffer in silence about your condition. Seeking medical attention in the initial stages can help arrest it. Then, be the goodwill ambassador by assisting others to come out of the silent condemnation.