Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder at last !

Deontay Wilder vs Fury 2

Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder at last !

Tyson Fury on 22 nd February 2020 in Las Vegas, USA beat reigning WBC champion Deontay
Wilder in their much anticipated rematch. The title match saw the crown change heads by a seventh round stoppage by the referee.

Unlike in their first encounter in December 2018, the rematch produced a different Fury. Starting slowly in the first round, Fury came back slowly just before the bell. By the second round, he was dominating Wilder in all aspects. Eventually, Wilder suffered his second career knockdown.

The champion struggled with a barrage of combinations from Fury. Wilder gave in and went to the canvas in the fifth round with a bleeding left ear. He survived the count from referee Kenny Bayless, and the fight resumed.

By the sixth round, it became evident Fury had matters in his own hands. Wilder went in on the backpedal. The challenger displayed a command in the center ring to send the hapless Wilder staggering for balance. With several pound hooks, jabs, and powerful uppercuts, Fury was registering a victory in points. It was just a matter of time before the champion bows out.

When the seventh round came, the punishment on the champion continued. Fury went for the unorthodox style by following Wilder everywhere he went in the ring, bringing back tales of his namesake Mike Tyson. He took advantage of the sluggish punching and bleeding ear cut of the champion. Despite the pounding, the champion kept on his feet. It was until Fury landed several power jabs to the body that Wilder’s corner took concern.

Wilder’s assistant trainer Mark Breland defied his senior and saved the champion from further punishment. Referee Bayless stopped the bout after Breland threw in the towel moments into the seventh round. Tyson Fury, the Manchester native, became WBC heavyweight champion again after surrendering his titles to fight his battles with addiction some years back.

Fury dominated the statistics of the match. He landed 82 punches compared to 34 from Wilder. He is now at 30 fights with 20 knockouts. Wilder, the 6 feet 7 inches former champion is now at 44 bouts with 41 knockouts.