Ruto’s advice on addressing wives leaves the audience in stitches

Deputy President William Ruto, in a recent church address, treated the congregation to a dose of repeated laughter when he lectured men on how they need to introduce their wives. 

Before his speech, a Bishop had introduced his wife as “Mama.” 

In his comment, the DP observed;

“Unapomwasilisha mke wako kama Mama, watu watakosa kuelewa kama ni mama mzazi au mke wako” ( When you introduce her as mama, people are left confused, not sure whether you are referring to your wife or the biological mother. )

He advised men to be a bit bolder and romantic by addressing their better halves as “My dear wife” or “My sweetheart.” 

He said that using such romantic phrases makes women feel nice, loved, and appreciated. 

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