Jorgen Klopp likes Messi more than Christiano Ronaldo


Jorgen Klopp likes Messi more than Christiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi

The football arena has been dominated by two stars in the last two decades, leaving fans and coaches confused as to who of two is the best. 

Most recently, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp joined the debate and declared that his favorite between Messi and Christiano Ronaldo is Lionel Messi. 

He was, however, quick to add that he greatly admires Christiano Ronaldo as well. 

Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the past twelve Ballon d’Or ceremonies with only Luka Modric sneaking in to break the dominance. 

Speaking to YouTube freekickers, the Liverpool coach said 

For me Messi, but I couldn’t admire Ronaldo more than I do already, but Messi has much lower physical requirements from birth,

Earlier on, it had been reported that premier league legends Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker rated Messi as the better player against Christiano Ronaldo. But when reached for his opinion, Arsenal Legend Ian Wright settled for Christiano Ronaldo as the better player. 

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Christiano Ronaldo
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