Different types of eyes


Different types of eyes

Did you know that there are different types of eyes ? Well, that’s true and in this short article we will show you everything you should know under this topic.

The camera-style eye

We’ll start with the primary type of eye – the camera-style eye. It has a transparent protective covering (which is usually part of the sclera), and an opening (the pupil) which lets light enter the eye through the lens. The pupil allows light to enter the eye. Here, a camera-style eye is placed next to a human’s eye (note that the human’s eyes aren’t covered by skin – because they’re not meant to be covered up). They both have a transparent covering over them, and their pupils are opened widely as well. Camera-style eyes are the primary type of eye, but not the only one. Let’s move on to another.

Compound eye

The next type of eye is called a compound eye. It has multiple ‘pixels’, each with their own retina cells which let light in through a transparent covering called an exoskeleton (it looks like armor). Because this covering is opaque, this type of eye can only see the color black. While humans do not have compound eyes, some insects and certain types of fish/insects (ex: water striders) do.

Eye patch or a ‘half-eye’

The next type of eye is called an eye patch or a ‘half-eye’, and it has only one retina cell. However, the retina cell can be rotated to look in any direction. If you turn it, you’ll see that it has a transparent covering over it. The eye only allows light into its pupil, which is located on one side of where this type of eye appears – compared to camera-style eyes which appear all over the head.


The last type of eye to be covered in this article is called a sphere. It’s as big as your head, and it has a transparent covering over it which you can’t see through. That means that light inside the sphere will reflect off of any object which shows up next to it – thus allowing this type of eye to see anything around it. Sphere-style eyes can be found in certain types of fish, like the flounder.