Mwea Mpesa agent innovates a Money Sanitizer Machine.

Currency sanitizer

Mwea Mpesa agent innovates a Money Sanitizer Machine.

Danson Wanjohi, an M-Pesa Agent in Mwea in Kirinyaga County, constructed a money-sanitizing machine. This creative invention comes in quite handy to curb the risk of spreading the coronavirus. The ministry of health had earlier recommended that Kenyans use cashless modes of payment to prevent the virus. 

Wanjohi thought of this brilliant idea about two weeks ago when discussing the risk of getting COVID-19. The agent stated that due to the variety of customers he deals with, it is difficult to determine where the money he exchanges with them comes from or has passed through. “He could be on the shamba (farm), and the person who paid him is from Thika, and you never know where the person who also paid him is from; Wanjohi said.

Wanjohi thought that coming up with a machine would be a great way to protect him and his customers from the coronavirus. The device is a simple gadget that sanitizes the money which passes through its rubber bands pushed by gears. Wanjohi used various materials to make this machine, including rubber bands, plastic, wood, a motor, rubber bands, and gears.

 The m-pesa agent stated that his money agent business had taken the hit from the onset of the corona pandemic. Some of his customers have appreciated his invention and are patient to get an excellent service. Others are not as enthusiastic, and in a rush, so Wanjohi asks them to go to other nearby money agents. 

Although there has been no single coronavirus case diagnosed or reported from Kirinyaga County, Wanjohi says that his invention is timely, as money is the weakest link in curbing covid-19. Cash goes through several hands and may travel across counties when giving change and in other business transactions. 

The ingenious team plans to roll out more money-sanitizing machines to aid other money agents in the area too. They said that they have run out of materials such as the switch, which regulates speed to enable swift sanitizing. Their primary challenge now is getting adequate funds to get more materials and produce the machines in bulk. 

New baby names and their meanings

It is almost everybody’s dream to get a perfect and unique name for their child someday. Some want to come up with baby names from scratch while others do their research on names that already exist but are not widely known.

Despite the thought of giving your child a fantastic name, you would also want to consider what the name means. Some names are tied to particular events, birthstones, and even different personalities. You would want your child’s name to reflect a specific aspect that they have, don’t you? I mean, wouldn’t it be awful if your child has an amazing name, but its meaning is a whole other issue? In this article, you will get to see some of the new names and what they mean.

Baby Girl Names

DiorThis is a French name meaning golden. People with this name tend to be associated with courage, creativity, and leadership. Dior is also deemed to be sophisticated and classy due to the popular luxury goods company.

  • Haisley

In addition to its soft tone, this name has a wonderful meaning. Haisley is an Irish name that means hazel woods. This is, of course, its direct meaning. Girls named Haisley are associated with beauty and glow. Nickname: Haze.

  • Oaklynn

This is, without a doubt, a very unique name with a delightful feel. Oaklynn means strength, peace, and beauty. It is of an American origin.

  • Yara

Yara is an exotic and beautiful name that is modern and very unique. This is the name of Arabian and Brazilian origin, meaning “small butterfly.” Isn’t that an excellent translation? Girls with this name are associated with peace and calmness.

  • Zara

Zara is a girl’s name meaning “princess” in Russian. It is mostly used among the Greeks and Arabs and is highly associated with royalty. This name gained popularity, especially after the iconic fashion line named Zara.

  • Maisie

This is a name that is slowly gaining popularity in the United Kingdom. Meaning “pearl,” Maisie is a name highly chosen by parents all around the world. Maisie is a name that will stay in style for a while.

  • Willow

Derived from the willow tee, this is a name linked to grace and slenderness. It is also very easy to pronounce (only two syllables) and spell. This factor makes it even more popular for many parents. It also has a unique touch as not many female names begin with W.

  • Isla

Pronounced ‘eye-la’, that’s right the ‘s’ is silent. This is a name that had been neglected as it seemed old-fashioned, but now it is back. Isla is a word translated to “island” in Spanish, and thanks to the royal family (Queen Elizabeth, the second’s granddaughter), the name is popular again.

Baby Boy Names

  • Cordero

This is a Spanish name meaning “lamb.” It is, therefore, greatly associated with meekness and purity. Moreover, it is linked with the Mediterranean lifestyle, thus giving it a plus.

  • Dallas

Despite its Scottish origin, the name is trendy in the United States. Dallas means meadow in Scottish hence associated with adventure.

  • Theodore

This is a popular modern name whose short form is Theo or Teddy. It means ‘gift of God’.

  • Anton

Derived from the popular name ‘Anthony,’ a Latin phrase that means ‘priceless one.’ Giving your baby boy this name means that you see him as a gem.

  • Leo

Derived from the word “lion,” Leo is without doubt associated with courage and leadership. It could also be used for children born between July 23rd and August 23rd, as Leo is a zodiac sign.

  • Quentin

This name is most suitable for the fifth born, or any boy associated with the number five as it means “fifth” in Latin. It is unique and has an exciting modern feel.

  • Asher

Meaning happiness, Asher is a name to give your son if you feel like he gives you utmost happiness and glee each time you see him or hear his voice.

  • Corbin

If your son has dark hair, then this is the name for him. Corbin is a French word that means “raven.” However, the name signifies people with darker hair color.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

  • Armani

This is an Italian surname meaning “warrior.” People with this name are said to be courageous and daring.

  • Justice

This is a variation of the Biblical name Justus. Justice is linked with righteousness and just traits.

  • Oakley

The oak tree is well known for its strength in carpentry. Oakley, therefore, is a name given to children deemed healthy and masculine in all perspectives.

  • Frankie

This is an American diminutive of the names Francesca, Francis, or Frank. It means being free, open, truthful, and trustworthy.

  • Campbell

This is a Scottish or Irish name meaning “Crooked mouth.” Despite what may seem like a direct offensive meaning, the name is used for people with a “goofy” yet adorable smile.

  • Hollis

Hollis is a name of English source, meaning “dweller at the holy trees.” Children named Hollis are seen as calm and simple.

  • Jules

This is a name of French origin, meaning youthful.

All parents should consider the name that they would like to give their children to avoid regret and embarrassment in the future.

Safaricom collaborates with VISA to expand M-pesa

Last Thursday, Safaricom signed a deal with VISA Global Network that will boost the M-pesa brand. They set the partnership to have a new digital product launched this year. The new M-pesa product will revolutionize how M-pesa customers transact, and merchants operate. This new phone-based M-pesa virtual card will enable users to make payments and cash transfers via their VISA linked debit cards to their M-pesa wallets even when abroad.

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Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa, in a joint statement with the President of VISA Global, Andrew Torre, stated that the deal would promote global electronic commerce and create unique and enhanced payments for customer experiences. This partnership will further enhance the accessibility and security of cashless payments for M-Pesa customers. This is a prompt move as governments worldwide push citizens to adopt more cashless modes of payments to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

The collaboration of these two major brands will see both VISA global network and M-pesa mobile network record notable growth. VISA is a global network covers over 200 countries, while Safaricom is the biggest mobile money network in Kenya. This collaboration will see the over 173,000 Lipa Na M-pesa agents and 24 million-plus M-pesa customers connected to VISA’s 3.4billion VISA cards and 61 million merchants. The deal is still pending regulatory approval.

Eye lashes extension

Eyelashes Extensions: Everything you need to know

Have you ever wanted your eyelashes to be longer and thicker than they already are? Maybe because of the charm and attractiveness that is associated with bold and dark eyelashes? Perhaps you could grant yourself this wish by making an appointment with your cosmetologist for an eyelash extension procedure. Yes, that’s right! You can get that look you have been dying to have for ages. The only thing between you and your desired eyelashes is just one appointment.  

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are implants that are attached to one’s natural eyelashes to make them longer to their liking. Unlike the temporary lashes that are attached to one’s eyelid, lash extensions are more durable as the adhesive lasts for about six weeks. This property makes them more convenient compared to the temporary lashes, which only last a few days. There are things you need to know before getting eyelash extensions. The type of eyelash extensions, for example, is a crucial factor to have in mind. Be sure to read on to know much more about eyelash extensions.

Synthetic eyelash extensions

Synthetic eyelash extensions

One of the most popular eyelash extensions in the market at the moment is the synthetic extension. Synthetic eyelash extensions are glossier compared to the rest and are also the firmest of all. They are, however, most suitable for people who are going for a dramatic look as they are quite thick. The maximum thickness of synthetic lash extensions is 0.20mm in width. This property makes them relatively stout, which might be a disclaimer to some. If you are going for a subtle and more natural look, then this is not the best option. These extensions are most suitable for people with thicker and longer eyelashes and are preferred by younger clients. It should also be known that they do not last as long as the other types.

Silk eyelash extensions

Silk eyelashes
Silk eyelash

Silk lash extensions are lighter and smoother than the synthetic extensions. They also have a more natural look when compared to synthetic eyelashes, which makes them relatively popular. It should be well understood, however, that they are more appropriate for people with weaker and thinner natural eyelashes. This is because of their lightweight and porosity. Just like synthetic extensions, silk extensions can be customized to one’s liking in terms of curliness and length. Nevertheless, the natural look would be a better option because of the non-uniformity of the curls. Silk extensions are more durable than synthetic eyelashes, which is yet another added advantage.

Mink eyelash extensions

Mink lash extensions are obtained from the fur of a mink, which is soft and closest in texture to the natural eyelashes. Most cosmetologists, though, prefer using faux mink, which is a human-made fiber as it is against animal cruelty. Mink lash extensions are the most realistic of the three and are most suitable for people who are going for a subtle and natural look.

Due to their fineness, the mink extension’s application time is more than that of the rest, which is about two hours (while that of silk and synthetic is approximately an hour). The surface-area-ratio between one’s eyelash and the extension is close to 1:1 (with synthetic it can be 1:2 or even higher), so they are more durable. Their long-lasting property is also since they do not twist or drop, which makes them relatively outstanding.One downside of the mink extension, however, is that even with a high volume; they are still natural-looking. This factor makes mink extensions less suitable for people who are going for a dramatic look.

Five most curvy female celebrities in Africa

The hourglass body type is one that is loved and appreciated all over Africa. It is a figure that appeals to a lot of people and is highly desired by a good number of ladies. Uncountable women have had medical procedures performed on them to accentuate their physical statue. This is because curviness is now associated with charm and ‘hotness’ and the majority of ladies desire to be just that

Arguably, Africa has the curviest women compared to Western countries. What’s more, Africans believe that the most beautiful women are from their continent. Let us, however, put this general overview aside and get to specifics; to the real questions. Who are the hottest female celebrities? Better still, which country has the most beautiful girls? The answer to these questions will be well highlighted briefly in this article.

 5. Tango Ncetezo

Most curvy celebrities in the world
Tango Ncetezo
Image:, @ Tango Ncetezo

In the fifth position, is the beautiful and stunning Tango Ncetezo, a thirty-five-year-old charming South African celebrity. She is best known for the series ‘A Place Called Home’ playing the role Lindiwe. Her natural beauty caught the attention of not only the show viewers but also her sixty-two thousand followers on Instagram.

4. Didi Ekanem

At number four is Didi Ekanem, a thirty-year-old Nigerian queen who’s beautiful body and youthful appearance leaves everyone in awe. Being a renowned fashion designer and actress, Didi has been in the limelight since 2015 after the premiere of the movie ‘Doll House’. Her hard work, talent, and independence draw more attention to her in addition to her fantastic figure.

3. Sanchoka

Most curvy celebrities in Africa 
Image:, @Sanchoka

Sanchoka is a thirty-year-old Tanzanian socialite and fashion designer well known for her curvaceous body. Apart from her socialite life, she is also an actress, entrepreneur, host, and brand ambassador. Sanchoka graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance. It is, therefore, safe to say that Sanch, which is short for Sanchoka, has both beauty and brains.

2. Belinda Nansasi

Most curvy celebrities in Uganda 
Belinda Nansasi
Image:, @Belinda Nansasi

In the runners up position on our list, is the winner of the 2019 miss curvy Uganda, Belinda Nansasi. Miss Nansasi drew a lot of attention to Africans after emerging as the winner of the latest miss curvy competition. The twenty-five-year-old beau is now a student at Victoria University after being granted a full scholarship after winning the competition.

  1. Corazon Kwamboka  
Corazon Kwamboka
Image:,@Corazon Kwamboka

The 1st position goes to the attractive and sexy twenty-seven-year-old Corazon Kwamboka from Kenya. She is an advocate of the high court, and a fitness guru loved by not only her six hundred thousand Instagram followers but also her numerous fans all over Africa. Corazon is highly commended in Kenya for her beauty, industriousness, and her level of self-respect.

The ladies mentioned above are not the only charming ladies in Africa, as it is a continent full of alluring and good-looking women. So far, Nigeria is said to be the country with the most beautiful women closely followed by Kenya and South Africa.

It should be well understood, nevertheless, that everybody is beautiful in their way. No one should let society define their physical appearance whatsoever. All ladies must practice self-love and self-appreciation despite what society dictates for them.

Origin of covid19

A brief history of global pandemics leading to the coronavirus disease

Currently, the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) which emerged from China around December 2019 is nearly in all the countries globally. So far over 500,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus worldwide. The coronavirus disease is, however, not the first pandemic to be encountered especially in European Countries. The world has also dealt with several epidemics and pandemics dating back to as early as before Christ.

The Plague of Justinian: 541-542 A.D

This plague occurred during the reign of Emperor Justinian in 541 CE in Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. The Justinian plague was brought by merchants who had travelled over the Mediterranean from Egypt. This plague is said to have been caused by a single bacterium, Yersinia pestis, which originated from rodent fleas. Human contracted the plague through contact with infected rodents such as rats bitten by these fleas. With a high death rate of 5000 people per day, the plague spread rapidly through Arabia, Europe, North Africa and Asia. It is estimated that this plague resulted in 30 to 50 million deaths.

The Antonine Plague: 165-180 CE

This is one of the oldest pandemics brought to Rome by soldiers returning home from missions in the East. It is also referred to as the Plague of Galen. It occurred during the reign of the Five Emperors, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (161-180 CE) during the Roman siege of Seleucia. Patients’ symptoms span from fever, cough, thirstiness, swollen throat to diarrhoea, vomiting and gastrointestinal bleeding. Scientists believe that the plague is likely to have been an outbreak of smallpox, emergent from China. At the peak of this outbreak, 2,000 Romans died daily, and by the end of the pandemic, it is estimated to have resulted in 5million deaths.

Black Death: 1665

 Also referred to as The Great Plague of London or the Bubonic Plague, this deadly pandemic broke out as early the 17th Century. This plague was transmitted through fleas biting hosts either through rodents such as rats which later transferred it to humans or directly through biting humans. Patients of the bubonic plague had symptoms including swollen lymph nodes, headaches, chills, sudden fever and general weakness. The epidemic had three waves spanning over through the 1300s to 1900s. It resulted in a massive death toll of an estimated 25 million people. The bubonic plague is still present in some parts of Asia, Europe and the Western United States. It is now treated with antibiotics as a vaccine is yet to be found.

Spanish Flu: 1918-1920

A deadly strain of Influenza, The Spanish Flu, emerged in 1918-1920. The flu outbreak began in Asia, Europe and the United States before spreading to other parts of the world. People with the flu exhibited typical flu symptoms and carriers could spread it through coughs, sneezes and talking through droplets in the air. Also, similar to the new coronavirus disease, the virus had a high mortality rate among young and healthy adults. It is estimated that the infection resulted in over 50 million fatalities worldwide. This is said to be one of the deadliest pandemics in history with the United States being largely affected.

HIV/AIDS: 1981

AIDS, which was first diagnosed as early as 1981, is still spreading to date. According to WHO, over 35million people have contracted the diseases, and more than 70 million died from it. The virus is said to have originated from chimpanzees and apes that have Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV). Humans then contracted the virus from consuming monkeys leading to the first pandemic in Congo (1920). Human to human transmission occurs through the exchange of bodily fluids including blood, semen, breast milk, anal fluids and vaginal fluids. Antiretroviral drugs have since been developed to manage it, but a vaccine is yet to be found.

Corona Virus

 The Novel Coronavirus Disease was declared a pandemic by WHO on 11th March of this year. There are over 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases globally. According to the latest coronavirus updates, the United States has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases with over a million confirmed cases. Oxford recently developed a coronavirus vaccine and began human trials.  Other scientists all over the globe are also in the process of developing a coronavirus vaccine as none is yet to be proven effective.

Coronavirus symptoms have quite a several similarities to those exhibited in previous respiratory viruses, including MERS, SARS and Influenza. Some early case of the coronavirus is said to have been mistaken for these viruses as well as diseases such as pneumonia. People worldwide are still urged to take the necessary precautions, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene, to avoid contracting coronavirus disease.

Lupe Hernandez, inventor of the hand sanitizer

Lupe Hernandez, a registered nurse in Bakersfield, California, invented hand sanitizers in 1966. By that time, ethanol (a form of alcohol) was the preferred skin antiseptic in hospitals.

As Lupe continued with her studies as a nurse, she discovered that cleaning alcohol can be delivered via a gel so that cleaning could occur without using soap and water. This lead to discovery of the really useful hand sanitizer. Originally it was only used in hospital settings, until it became commercialized by companies years later.

Fast forward to the year 2020, in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitizers are in almost every persons, home, pocket and public place to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Hand sanitizers are easy to carry and effective in successfully killing Corona virus and alot of other germs that could make one sick.

ARV’s donation meant for Kenyans diverted to West Africa

There is an outcry after it emerged that Antiretroviral or ARV drugs donated by the US government for Kenyans in 2019 were diverted to a West African country after the local tax body, KRA allegedly imposed and demanded tax.

The 3.5 billion shillings consignment is believed to have been donated through USAID to benefit over 900,000 HIV positive Kenyans .
The United States government had partnered with the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority to receive the donation by USAID.
According to a local blog, KRA swiftly levied tax on the drugs.

However, KEMSA failed to get clearance to get the drugs because the US embassy refused to pay the tax arguing that it was a donation.
Accordingly, the Kenya Ports Authority reportedly declined to offload the consignment forcing the shipping company to seek for fresh instructions from the United States.

It is believed that the US government then donated the drugs to a West African country